I am a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, where I completed my Hon.BSc. with a Specialist in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB). Starting in September 2017, I am currently a PhD student in the EEB department, more specifically in evolutionary epidemiology.

My research

My research experience so far has been largely in theoretical population genetics, in which I haved used mathematical and computational approaches to ask questions related to genetic variation and mixed-mating systems. To learn more about my most recent population genetics project, head on over to my IBD x IBT wiki or check out my Projects page . You can also meet my previous lab by visiting the Weis Lab website .

For my PhD studies, I am part of the Mideo group , where I am focusing on parasite phenotypic plasticity and how it relates to within- and between-host dynamics as well as the efficacy of drug regimes.


To learn more about my education, research experience and skills, head on over to the CV page .

Other tidbits

Arthur Weis presented our project on isolation-by-distance and isolation-by-time at the 2017 Evolution meeting in Portland:

In the University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Science news:

Peters... received a Cressy Student Leadership Award, a prize that recognizes students for contributions to the community through extra-curricular involvement. [...] Research was also an important part of Peters’ life at U of T. She has spent the past three years doing research and, in the process, stumbled across a field that she will be pursuing for her PhD at U of T: computational biology.

The full article can be found here.

New College convocation took place on 12 June, 2017: